About Thornton Construction Consultants

Thornton Construction Consultants Ltd is an independent consultancy providing technical advice and related services to the construction industry with a focus on roofing and facades. We liaise closely with all sectors within the construction industry to ensure that the end user can access and utilise the best advice, products and services to ensure that their projects are delivered in an efficient and sustainable way.

With over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, with emphasis on roofing and facades, we know the issues that can occur with inadequate training and installation of materials. We have a passion for ensuring that buildings are constructed in the best possible way and work to guarantee that our clients get a building that is fit for purpose and fit for the future.

Our services include


Design, Specification and Materials Selection

Thornton Construction Consultants provide impartial design advice on all design, specification and product type. We liaise closely with manufacturers and suppliers, helping to guide our clients in fulfilling their building requirements.

Procurement and Estimating

Thornton Construction Consultants provide a comprehensive and professional procurement and estimating service. Working alongside the client to enable the delivery of projects within budget and design guidelines

Project Management

Our Project Management service provides clients with the knowledge that their project is managed to the highest professional standards. We enable the delivery of projects within budget and ensure all specification requirements are fully met.

Surveys and Reports

Thornton Construction Consultants provide a specialist envelope survey service that is totally independent ensuring that clients receive the best possible advice for their building envelope. All building envelope surveys and reports carried out are tailored to suit the individual requirements of the client. Once a survey has been completed the client will be supplied with a comprehensive report. Photographic and or video evidence will be included dependent on requirements.

Roof Inspector

Roof failures are all too common, we can supply roofing inspectors to your project ensuring Quality Assurance is fully met, and manufacturers guidelines are adhered to. Our roof inspector will provide you with the confidence that your project has been completed to all required standards.

Roof Condition Reports

Thornton Construction Consultants can inspect any type of roof build up. This service provides a complete, accurate and impartial report on the condition of the inspected roof. Photographic and or video evidence will be included dependent on requirements.

Leak Detection

Stop a small leak becoming a large problem with our comprehensive leak detection survey service. This independent service informs the client of any leak issues they may have and will give them a comprehensive report outlining the action required to resolve the issue.

Maintenance Plans & Programming

All maintenance plans are designed to enable clients to ensure that their building envelope is fully fit for purpose. A well implemented maintenance programme can save clients the worry and cost of avoidable repairs. Thornton Construction Consultants can draw up a maintenance programme to enable clients to ensure that their building is in the best possible condition all year round.

Expert Witness

With many years’ experience in the construction industry, Thornton Construction Consultants are ideally placed to perform the requirements and role of an expert witness with regards to roofing and cladding issues.